[Feature] Pre-viewing Your Variations in Any URL

[Feature] Pre-viewing Your Variations in Any URL

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To simplify the process of testing multiple pages having similar HTML structure, Convert allows users to conduct multi-page experiments with which a user can test pages that have similar HTML structure. It is a good idea to test your variations for all the related pages before you make your experiment live. This is a very strong feature of Convert. It helps you to ensure that the experiment runs well on all the pages besides the one you used to create the experiment. With the help of this feature, you can do the quality assurance multi-page experiments in an easy way.

Test your variations for all the pages using Convert multi-page experiments. This will not only help users in running quality assurance experiments in an easy way but will also save a lot of time and effort.

Convert Support

Any variation of an experiment can be viewed in any web page of the experiment provided the URL of that web page is included in the “Site Area” of the experiment that you are testing.

In order to preview, you will have to use the following URL where the experiment_id and variation_id will be replaced by the values of your experiment id and variation id respectively.


You can find you experiment id when you go to experiment report or summary. In the URL, the last number indicates your experiment ID.
You can find you experiment id when you go to experiment report or summary. In the URL, the last number indicates your experiment ID.

The experiment ID can also be viewed by clicking the “settings” icon on the experiment report page.

The variation ID, on the other hand, can be found in the live preview link accessible through the experiment report or experiment summary.

Convert Experiments allow users to create experiments for features that are shared with all the pages of a site.

How to preview the variation of a URL?

Suppose you want to preview the variation of the URL: http://mydomain.com/webpage.html

If your experiment id is xxx and variation ID is yyy then use the following URL to preview the experiment:


For more details please take a look to our Support Center documentation that may help you.

If you’re interested in start A/B testing right now, give Convert Experiments a try and register for a free trial for 15-days.


Originally published October 30, 2015 - Updated January 12, 2018
Meenu RishiRaj Kohli

Written by Meenu RishiRaj Kohli

Meenu Kohli is a graduate Electronics Engineer. She started her career as a software developer and also worked as a tester, trainer and quality assurance expert with some very well reputed multi national companies. Now she works as an independent contractor in the field of software testing, technical writing and SEO.
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