Search Engine Marketing: Signs That You’re Doing Well

Search Engine Marketing: Signs That You’re Doing Well

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
November 11, 2014
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Impact happens when you can see the effect and you can feel the difference of something. Running landing page optimization and search engine marketing at the same time is geared towards achieving an impact in terms of traffic, sales, and overall revenue. On this webinar, Lance Loveday of Closed Loop Marketing discussed the two most important activities for any organization – SEM or search engine marketing, and LPO or landing page optimization. Lance was able to see the relationship between the two when he had the chance to work with one of their clients, who at that time was at their saturation point. The goal of the team was to make something happen by leading the company to move out of their current status using SEM and LPO. It was a tough project but they were able to pull it off. How did they do it? – By looking at the signs.

According to a recent blog, among the most common mistakes of most website owners has to do with their landing pages. The blog also states how important landing pages are, especially when combined with SEM. THe blog also states that:

Webmasters and Online Marketers optimize their Ad/SEO/Social Media/Online Marketing campaigns all the time. Why should not we do the same for the Landing Pages? Redesigning the Landing Pages of the website by taking into account the results that we track, the A/B testing and the feedback from the users is absolutely necessary in order to improve the conversion rates.

The Signs That Your SEM And LPO Are Working

It may happen that your SEM is working but your LPO is not, or vice-versa. You need both to work because that is the only time that you can achieve a higher conversion rate and a better ROI.

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If you are able to combine and execute these two effectively, then you are up to play the game. SEM and LPO are working conversion rates and brand traffic is both showing an increasing trend.

  • Conversion rate – when Lance and his team were working for this client, the current conversion rate that they need to work on is at 20% which is already a pretty good number. They really don’t know how the numbers will change after SEM and LPO were introduced but to their surprise and to their client’s surprise, the result gave them a whopping 29% conversion or 7 ½ points higher conversion lift.
  • Improved brand traffic conversion – the brand traffic is driven by the people who will search the web directly for you. These are the people who already knew who you are. If you were able to improve your brand traffic, this means that you were able to implement changes that trigger your customers to visit your website more often and not only when they have to.

Search Engine Marketing

Winning Combination

Your SEM and LPO are working if both your conversion on sales and brand traffic are increasing. You have enough elements in your site to make your current customers come back and you are successful in making your presence felt across the web. Do things continuously and consistently even after getting a positive outcome. This is a good time to celebrate but definitely not the time to relax because your competitor may outgrow you anytime. According to Closed Loop Marketing, even with a higher conversion and ROI, aspire for more or at least a stable percentage increase. Innovation is a never-ending process and if your goal is to stay longer in the business, value these words- “constant change”. If you want to see the entire webinar, click here.

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Originally published November 11, 2014 - Updated April 15, 2019
Lemuel Galpo
As Customer Content Manager, Lem is responsible for bringing learnings in conversion optimization and testing to the world. He is part of's growth team and coordinates all writers, editors and illustrators.
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