The Role of the Buyer in Your Website Design?

The Role of the Buyer in Your Website Design?

Have you ever thought about your possible buyers or customers when creating your website designs? Nowadays websites are among the biggest sales tools that business owners use for marketing and promotion. But despite the perception that the internet is one of greatest sales tool, websites can only sell well if they have a great web design that is effective in bringing in and converting visitors.

In a recent podcast, Creative Thirst‘s Bobby Hewitt, along with Convert, tells us more about the role of a buyer on a website design. According to Bobby, putting the buyer in center sounds easy, but in actuality, not all buyers are in the same point in the buying cycle. And not all personality types buy in the same way. You have to think of your buyers as unique individuals with different tastes and preferences.

Buyer Role Website Design

Buyer Dynamics

Web design may seem pretty easy to do, but in practice, it is a lot more complicated. It is not good enough to describe how good your products are, and force people to buy those products. It just doesn’t work that way. If you want your business to make progress, you need to put a lot of effort in it. This means that your website must be designed according to the taste of your buyers. You should always have in mind that there are five different types of people visiting your website, namely:

  • Buyers
  • Browsers
  • Evaluators
  • Purchasers
  • Customers

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Buyers visit your website with one purpose – to read about your products and possibly purchase them. But not all the buyers are the same. They have different needs and have high expectations of the product owner. Browser are just there to take a look around, the online window shopper. Evaluators are very judgmental and want to get all the information to evaluate if your product is good enough for them or not. Purchasers are the type of visitors you would like to see every day. They already made the decision that your product is perfect for them, and the only reason they decided to visit your website is because they want to purchase a product. And lastly, customers are visitors who have already experienced your product and if they come back to buy it again, it means that the product met their expectations.

Address Your Buyer’s Needs

The different buying types closely mirrors the steps of buying decision process. These steps include:

  1. Identify the problem
  2. Search for a solution
  3. Evaluate alternative solutions
  4. Decide to purchase
  5. Purchase and then reevaluate the purchase.

Each of these steps brings you closer to meeting your buyer’s needs and converting traffic into paying customers. According to Michael Redbord’s article,

While it’s common for online business owners to always focus on the sale, it’s important to remember that your flock of customers are scattered across the field. By herding them through the right gates using your marketing, you’ll be able to enjoy a much more dependable customer pipeline.

To gain a huge advantage against your competitors, you have to design a top notch content that can cater the needs of each type of buyer. Thus, as Bobby states, your site needs to design pathways and provide copy, images and taxonomy for each buyer type at each step of the buying process.

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Originally published March 19, 2015 - Updated March 25, 2015
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