Infographic: Persuasion Design

Infographic: Persuasion Design

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This infographic, provided to us by Knowit, tells us about Persuasion Design and how it is used as a framework for behavior management and conversion rate optimization. Conversion is the marketing technique of turning casual visitors or traffic, into paying customers. Persuasion Design is a process that marketers can use to examine and use customers’ behavior as a means of improving the conversion rate of your website. Persuasion design uses a combination of observation, behavioral psychology, and a/b testing to help you understand your traffic and increase the rate of conversion.

Aside from teaching us about Persuasion Design, there are also several useful insights and information to gain from this infographic, including:

  • How to Identify Targeted Behavior
  • Qualitative vs Quantitative
  • Behavior Models
  • Monetization Modeling
  • Creating and Identifying Tests
  • Winning Combinations

With online marketing, there are also several techniques to use to increase conversion, which in turn, increases your website’s profits. With Persuasion Design, it is a process of using known techniques and combining them with marketing to create a website that will reach your target audience. It may sound simple, but trial and error can be used for successful online marketing. The trick is to identify and test out options before launching so you will make those mistakes in testing and choose the right option, before putting it up on your website.

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  • 6 Apr, 2015
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