10 Magento Plugins That Make Conversion Gurus Smile

10 Magento Plugins That Make Conversion Gurus Smile

Paul Simmons
Written by Paul Simmons
May 10, 2017

Setting up an online store is easier than managing it to make the users place orders. The store owners often suffer for the losses as they invest a lot in designing an eCommerce website, but forget to optimize it for higher conversions.

The conversion gurus are brainstorming for different ways to increase sales and revenues of stores. The available options for them are to implement a pricing strategy, try and test a new business model or increase functionality. The addition of a feature can easily be done with the help of plugins and extensions.

Magento is a stand-alone eCommerce platform that already offers advanced features. It suffices the needs of small to medium size enterprises, whereas to channelize the conversions, the website owners or the conversion gurus can take benefit of the following extensions.

1. Magento Testimonials extension

Magento Product Reviews extension allows you to collect and display customers reviews and ratings to make the products authentic and credible. With the help of this plugin, you can allow customers to rate the price, value, and quality of your product to help new users easily form a purchase decision.

The first time visitors of your store would like to know about your products and services by the third person that is your customers as they are considered impartial. By displaying your customers’ reviews on product pages, you gain trust to the new users.

The addition of reviews and ratings to the landing pages grab users attention. It attracts them to read the reviews submitted by other users to form an opinion and proceed to the checkout. In result, you get a higher conversion rate.

2. Rich Snippets Magento

Rich Snippet, Google, Magento

The Rich Snippets Magento extension is considered a traffic and conversion booster. It allows the merchants to display additional product information in search results thus making the rich snippet more informative, engaging and enticing.

A search engine is a major source of organic traffic. By default, it displays title, URL, and description of a product page in the search results. When a user enters a query relevant to your product, you have to compete with the whole list. To stand out in that list, you can turn to the rich snippets by adding information like product name, price, SKU, images, ratings, etc.

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3. Product Quote Request

Product Quote Request extension allows the users of your websites to ask for the price estimate before they place an order. It increases user engagement which can be utilized to convert the lead into conversion.

Product price is often a constraint for most of the users. They need to negotiate for a better price. With the help of product quote request extension, you can make them reach and convey their requirements. In return, you provide them the best possible price and assure conversion.

4. Google Universal Analytics

Google Universal Analytics, Magento

With the help of Google Universal Analytics extension, you can configure the Google Analytics in your eCommerce website and start tracking traffic and conversions. This tool allows you to track the sales funnel that reveals the possible reasons for the declining conversions.

The conversion experts have to keep track of the changes time to time. The addition or removal of a feature can drastically affect the sales of a website. With the help of analytics tools, one can easily find which certain point is serving as a barrier in conversions.

5. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk, ecommerce,

Zendesk Chat extension allows the users to instantly interact with the support team of a website. It removes the hurdle of writing a complete email or filling a form to ask a product related questions. With Zendesk Chat, they can ask anything and get a reply in real time.

The users have a variety of questions to ask. With live chat feature, they can ask multiple questions and get instant replies. Thus, it removes the hesitation and ambiguities.

6. Magento Reward Points

Reward Point, Magento, ecommerce

Magento Reward Points extension enables you to greet your buyers with rewards on each purchase. Rewarding your customers is one of the effective ways to improve conversions on your eCommerce website.

With the help of this tool, you can create an entire system for rewarding your esteemed clients. This results in higher conversions, as the users collect rewards to make free purchases or gift them to loved ones.

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7. Magento Daily Deals

Deals, Daily deal extension, Magento

The Magento Daily Deals extension empowers you to create discount offers for your products and displays them separately. The online users are prone to visit the ‘Daily Deals’ tab on every eCommerce website to watch if there is something worth watching.

This tool allows you to add a timer to discount deals which create a sense of urgency. The users get attracted and check out for their desired products as soon as possible for them.

8. Responsive Banner Slider

Magento Plug in, Responsive slider, mobile slider, ecommerce slider plugin

Responsive Banner slider extension enables you to display compelling banners on home and product pages of your online store. It allows you to add multiple banners that slide with different transition effects.

Banners, being a visual form of content, are quite effective in conveying a promotional message. The announcement of discounts, offers, and new products can be highlighted with banners.

9. FAQ

FAQ store extension, Magneto plugin

Magento FAQ extension helps you to display the commonly asked questions along with detailed answers once and let the users seek assistance. It simplifies the process of asking questions and replying the individual users over and again.

The users, who may reluctant to ask common questions, can easily find them on the FAQs page. It answers the common queries without letting the users contact your customer support.

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10. Magento Simple Blog

Simple Blog, Magneto Plugins

Add a blogging section to your eCommerce website by installing Simple blog extension. It empowers you to create a content publishing corner around your online store that delivers news and informational articles about your business, products or services. Incorporate the flare of engaging content to your marketing endeavors and pursue higher conversions.


The core purpose of an eCommerce website is to drive traffic and yield a higher conversion rate. It may start with a responsive design and lead to an improved user experience design. The addition of any feature may depend on the nature of your business. You can review the above-discussed extensions to optimize your store for higher conversions.

Originally published May 10, 2017 - Updated September 06, 2019
Paul Simmons
Paul Simmons is a CMS Extensions Developer with 7 years of experience in PHP development at FMEaddons – an eCommerce development company with Top tier extensions and themes for popular shopping cart platforms like Magento, Opencart, Woocommerce, & Joomla.
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