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[Infographic] The Path to Conversion

The folks over at ion interactive have given us this great infographic about how to get on the path to conversion, and how to make your online marketing campaigns more effective. It used to be that getting traffic was enough for a successful online business. But recent times have...... read the full article

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Benchmarking With The Enemy

With the right keywords and the perfect landing page, you are 100% sure that you are ready to launch your online campaign. It can be difficult and devastating to discover that you’re losing in terms of your conversion and that you are paying more in your Adwords. So what...... read the full article

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Is your Copy Working for You?

Many sites struggling with low conversion rates are surprised to learn that out of all the tips, tricks, and advice out there, the real problem might be right in front of them: their copy. Copy is the bones of a website. You can have all the flair of nice...... read the full article

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[Infographic] Bounce Rate Demystified

Our friends over at KISSmetrics have provided us with this great infographic on demystifying the bounce rate. Bounce rates are the rate which visitors enter your website through the landing page, and leave without visiting anything else. Technically, it is the percentage of single-page visits and the measure of...... read the full article

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