Connecting Keywords, PPC, and the Landing Page

Connecting Keywords, PPC, and the Landing Page

Aside from targeting the right keywords for your product, you also need to consider enhancing your customer satisfaction by allowing them to experience continuity once they arrive at your landing page. Making your keywords visible is already an achievement, but creating sales out of it is even more impressive. This can be done because of the connection between keywords, PPC, and your landing page. This all happens in just a few seconds and it should appear seamless.

In a KISSMetrics webinar conducted by Jamie Smith of iSpionage, we were shown how to take advantage of competitive PPC Data. In our first section, Convert talked about how poor keywords can hurt a business. Picking up where we left off, we now take on launching a PPC campaign, creating a quality landing page, and how it all connects.

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Launching a PPC Campaign

Remember, you are paying a certain amount of money for your PPC campaign and you need to recover that cost through your sales.

With any PPC campaign, it is important to keep everything on track. Remember, you are paying a certain amount of money for your PPC campaign and you need to recover that cost through your sales. It is a good idea if the search engines will charge you less for your ad clicks. The good news is, it is possible and there are ways for you to do it. If you pay less for each click, you are giving your business the chance to earn higher profits.

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It takes a lot of work but it pays a good price once you learn to drive the boat. There are competitors, but before looking at the things that they are doing right for their business, you need to work on your own success first – make sure that you are getting visitors from your AdWords, and that those visitors are being converted into paying customers once they reach your website. If you are sailing on a stable manner, then you can start looking at the competition.

Building a Quality Landing Page

The landing page is the part where the customer can disengage and once they do, you might not be able to win them back.

After working on your keyword relevance, it is time for you to work on a quality landing page. In a blog article written by Matt Hodges of Intercom, he mentioned the following: “A good landing page needs to highlight both your product’s benefits and its key features.”

The landing page is the part where the customer can disengage and once they do, you might not be able to win them back. Linking the keywords to your landing page is important but make sure that your landing page is the customer’s final destination. The only option that is left for them to do here is to buy.

  • Keyword Relevance – The most important thing to do is to ensure that you are not deceiving your potential buyers. Your keyword must tell them exactly what your product is all about and this needs to be present in your landing page. The customer must be able to see it in less than five seconds because the more time they spend looking, the more chances there are that they leave the page.
  • Design – Work on a design that does not confuse with your product. If you are selling bags, for example, the design must fit that item. The layout and the font must all be relevant as well. If there is continuity in your design, you are enforcing a call to action on a positive manner for your potential buyers.
  • Simple – It has everything the customer needs to know at first glance and it is presented in its simplest form. Your landing page is all about the customer and your product so keep it that way. Focus on building a trustworthy relationship, and strengthening the connection with your customers.
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There are other things that you need to do so you can make a successful PPC campaign. But to be able to move forward, you have to make sure that your own campaign has a stable foundation with these three elements. Once your PPC, keywords, and landing page are linked, it is time to look at what the competition is doing.

Originally published June 05, 2015 - Updated September 28, 2018
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