Ecommerce Marketing Strategy? Is It The Best?

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy? Is It The Best?

Dennis van der Heijden
December 16, 2014
Ecommerce Marketing

Are you a marketer looking for ways to increase profits in your campaign? Well, this post is for you. By now, I will assume that you have nailed down the ROI equation for an offer you have been working on. Therefore, the questions you should ask yourself are; Is it enough? and what should your next step be? Well, according to Nemo Chu, it actually is not enough. You will need a tool that will breakdown your ROI equation and reveal hidden information that the equation does not show.

As Chu stated in his webinar with Convert Academy, he backs up this information by proving an example with AOL. He shows how AOL won the world through detailed information, and with a great campaign that got them $10 for every $1 spent. Therefore, assuming that you were the marketer for AOL: would you have taken the company up to where it is now? That’s food for thought.

The World of Online Marketing Needs

When it comes to eCommerce, you will need more than just information. Here is a great article on how to come up with your eCommerce ROI. Also according to the article:

Your best customers spend 30x more than your average customers. That’s what we found when we analyzed data from millions of online shoppers at hundreds of the fastest-growing online retailers.This huge differential between your best and average customers illustrates just how important it is to identify your best customers and tune your acquisition strategies for them.

After you have come up with your ROI equation, the next step is; putting that offer you have been working on in front of as many people as you can. But how do you do it? You will need traffic to influence coverage on your campaign. And how do you do this? Well, as described in the webinar, this is how you can increase traffic:

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  • Social Media Ads: Statistics also show that a majority of people on social media are there to interact as well as get to know what is happening around them. As an online marketer, you could use this to your advantage.
  • SEO Tactics: SEO is a well-known abbreviation today and it stands for Search Engine Optimization. A good marketer should know all the skills of a SEO marketer. This will increase website ranking on every search engine and increase visibility online.
  • Adwords Method: Adword is an online advertising service. Through this method, you can market your services, products or any campaign. However, Adwords will only work on displays for a particular query or keyword. Make sure you know when and where to use Adwords.
  • Banner Ads: Banner ads have recently gained popularity more than other forms of advertising. They are considered the best since it is an image-based ad rather than a text-based ad. This form of advertising is used to promote a particular brand.

When it comes to online marketing, all these venues are worth trying. This is because an offer may work on others, whereas on others it may feel slow. The question is; How do you go about this?

Ecommerce Marketing

How to Choose a Marketing Strategy

This is where funnel analytics comes in handy. A good example of one of the funnel analytics website is KISSmetrics. It is a revolutionary person-based analytics platform where you will receive information on your customers with the once with a potential to bring more money to you. Applying funnel analytics along with optimization marketing can help improve your website’s overall traffic. From Nemo Chu’s webinar, you will clearly see this.

Originally published December 16, 2014 - Updated September 28, 2018
Dennis van der Heijden
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