The Hidden Strategies of Successful Online Campaign

The Hidden Strategies of Successful Online Campaign

Dennis van der Heijden
November 28, 2014
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In a recent webinar, Dr. Karl Blanks of Conversion Rate Experts, shared that there are proven ways to be successful in an online campaign, and that he is not counting the split test as an option. Everyone knows what a split test does, but what is interesting to note is how the split-test result can mislead your actions; in that instead of putting the pieces together, this test is causing the pieces to fall apart.

When you change something in your website and do split-testing to measure the impact it has on your customers, and finally hope that the impact will help you increase your sales. Sadly, with this, you are travelling on the wrong side of the road. It is time to stop your dependency on split-testing and look for workable solutions- those that you can measure and challenge, with more definite results, precise data, and something that you can analyze. On this webinar, Dr. Karl Blanks, along with Convert, wants to try something new to old problems that every online marketer is facing.

What You Need To Know About Split Testing

In an Unbounce article – when asked, what is A/B testing; it was defined as:

The act of running a simultaneous experiment between two or more pages to see which performs or converts the best.  Unbounce

However, it is not split testing but your ability to understand the customer that is more important. It is digging deeper and trying to read between the numbers and statistics. It is normal to see an upward and downward trend in sales or conversion so do not be a believer that an upward trend is caused by the enhancement you made on your website as what the split test would normally say.

[Tweet “Yes, split testing can show a trend such as a percentage in increase or decrease but you have to know the factors causing the dip or upward trend”]

The split test is a general approach to specific problems so unless you are targeting the correct item to split test, you are wasting your time designing and implementing the change in your website.

The Six Success Strategies

A/B testing strategiesImproving the conversion rate is the goal of every business, and split testing alone will not help you nail the result. Working for Conversion Rate Experts gave Dr. Karl Blanks the license to identify the items that should be on your to do list:

  1. Know your target market – the sales are the result of your efforts to reach your target market effectively. If you know your market well, you can create the campaign that is visually and verbally right for your audience. You need to convince them to buy your product and what better way to do it than to put your product on the spotlight based on your target market’s needs and wants.
  2. Create the perfect landing page – make sure that your website visitors are landing on the right page, all the time. If your customer clicks “product information” – they should land on the page containing all the details pertaining to the item on sale. Maintain consistency and accuracy on your landing page because it does not only create a good impression but a perfect customer experience.
  3. Study the non-converters – find a way to figure out why there are non-converters. What are their common objections and device a plan that is aimed in addressing their areas of concern.
  4. Advance Market Intelligence – Check out your visitor’s other options. These are your competitors in the market that are either offering the same product – competing directly or somewhat related product (indirect competitors).
  5. Do not attempt to cover everything on your business – focus on your strengths and use them to capture the market segment that you have identified.
  6. Spot the hidden wealth – People will buy your product because it has something that others do not have. What is your unique selling proposition? Use this to persuade your visitors to come back and buy your items over again.
  7. Create experimental strategy – Do not point things randomly. Create a systematic approach to prioritize your wins.


In Conclusion

There are things that you can do, but you’d rather not do, while there are things that you must do regardless of what you think you should do. Your sales or conversion will determine the lifespan of your business so study your options carefully. If you want to learn more about split testing or you want to hear more about this webinar, click here.

Originally published November 28, 2014 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of, Dennis is a passionate community builder and out of the box thinker. He spends his time innovating to make Convert Experiences better. Learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and leader on the SaaS Club podcast.
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