Infographic: The Perfect Contact Page

Infographic: The Perfect Contact Page

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
February 25, 2015

This infographic, provided to us by Nick Reese, shows us how to create the perfect Contact Page. Of course, in marketing, there is no such thing as a perfect page, but with this guide,  you can create the best possible contact page for your website. A contact page is the page on each website that allows users and visitors to contact the owners of the website. This is found in almost all websites, but it is especially important for A/B testing software” href=””>eCommerce websites because it allows possible customers to talk to the website owners if they have any questions about the service/product or about the website itself.

Aside from showing us how to create the perfect contact page, the infographic also provides us with information about a contact page including:

  • Best way to Provide Contact Information
  • How to write Page Headers
  • Provide Context and Credibility
  • Showcase Testimonials
  • Place a Confirmation Message

It may seem more of a technical issue rather than a marketing issue, but that is not the case. The contact page of each website is the best source for customer feedback. And any marketer will tell you that feedback is essential in any marketing campaign. This allows users and visitors to tell you what they liked, or did not like, from their experience in visiting your website. Having a great contact page also sends out the message that you are open and accessible to your customers, and that they can contact you for their issues.

Contact Page

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Originally published February 25, 2015 - Updated February 23, 2015
Lemuel Galpo
As Customer Content Manager, Lem is responsible for bringing learnings in conversion optimization and testing to the world. He is part of's growth team and coordinates all writers, editors and illustrators.
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