Infographic: 7 Ingredients to the Perfect Landing Page

Infographic: 7 Ingredients to the Perfect Landing Page

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Our friends at InfusionSoft released an infographic a while ago that is still worth sharing. These are the seven tips they are giving in this landing-page infographic.

  1. Create a powerful and consistent headline
  2. Build trust with social proof
  3. Put you copy on a leash
  4. Use a direct call-to-action
  5. Optimize the page for fast loading and mobile
  6. Measure and optimize conversion with analytics
  7. Keep it simple

Now we think that a perfect landing page should always be A/B tested of course, but these 7 steps of great landing pages will for sure help you and your clients.

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  • 22 Sep, 2014
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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Written by Dennis van der Heijden

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