[Integration] How to Set Call Tracking Goals to Increase CRO

[Integration] How to Set Call Tracking Goals to Increase CRO

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The smartphone culture has given a new dimension to  sales. It’s no secret that call tracking provides valuable data that help marketers to develop a strategic plan of action to increase conversions, in fact, 68% of businesses realize calls are giving highest quality leads, hence it has now become important to track these phone leads so that you get  a clear picture of what works for your business and which all areas require improvement.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Dialog Tech (former IfByPhone) Integration feature that is available in Convert.

In order to integrate this feature, you will have to  create a Call Tracking goal or you can combine call and form and submit as one goal. Although any type of template can be used for this purpose but since we are dealing with the external system of Call Tracking it would be better to use Javascript Trigger goal for this job. This goal can now only be triggered by a Javascript. The following steps are involved in Dialog Tech/ IfByPhone Integration:


Step 1: Setting up of Call Tracking Goal

In this step, a Javascript triggered goal is created and a unique name is given to it. In order to track LogMyCalls call you need to provide one unused unique phone number. In case you want to test with one original version and one variation then you will have to set up two numbers.


Step 2: Push URL

To trigger the conversions, you will have to define the Push URL. The Push URL comprises of:

    1. Project id
    2. Customer id
    3. Experiment id
    4. Variation id
    5. Goal id


Step 3: Connect call tracking service to Convert.com with Zapier.com

This is done with the help of webhooks (beta) that push call to Convert Experiments. With the help of Push URL, you can trigger goal for the original or the variation.

Step 4: Start Testing your Goals

Once the webhooks Convert Experiments have been defined and integrated with the tracking app you can start testing your goals by calling each number and you can see the conversion. For advanced level analysis, you can have a look at the test data available in the analytic tool. You would get complete data of every session of every call. This would give you a deep understanding of which type of content actually helps in conversion of visitors to phone lead.

Dialog Tech/IfByPhone integration helps in deciding which variation wins in terms of conversion rate, revenue per visitor or order item. For technical details of each step mentioned above, please visit our Support Center.

Originally published October 23, 2015 - Updated February 25, 2016


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  • 23 Oct, 2015
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Meenu RishiRaj Kohli

Written by Meenu RishiRaj Kohli

Meenu Kohli is a graduate Electronics Engineer. She started her career as a software developer and also worked as a tester, trainer and quality assurance expert with some very well reputed multi national companies. Now she works as an independent contractor in the field of software testing, technical writing and SEO.


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