Making Money with Call Tracking

Making Money with Call Tracking

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
June 2, 2014

Making Money with Call Tracking

To make money as a marketer, you have to effectively utilize call tracking. Borrowing from a line in a recent webinar by LogMyCalls’ McKay Allen, you should “Utilize and Include it”. What this means is that, as a marketer, you have to utilize call tracking if you want to make more money.

It’s one of the things you should be thinking of including in your offers if you are an agency. You could first start by providing analytics to your clients, then gather analytics for your own testing/optimization. LogMyCalls provides call tracking services at a very affordable cost, especially when you compare this to the amount of clients call tracking is able to bring in. In fact, it will cost you less than $10 a number, inclusive of everything, even the free co-branded dashboard that includes your logo. You can scale this depending on your demands.

If you compare the amount you spend on call tracking with other marketing efforts, it’s suffice to say that you are better off without the latter. If your clients, for instance, give you $500 a month on SEO efforts, the results you generate for them are not anywhere near what you could be able to generate for them if you were tracking calls for them instead, not web leads. Call leads generate three times as much revenue as web leads: that’s the secret.


LogMyCalls works closely with agencies and marketers to ensure you utilize their platform fully. You can log into their website to schedule reports, and they also have a very robust API and webhooks that can be used to push data into any third party sites, not to mention DNI that can show full scale Google Analytics and integration.

With call tracking, you have a tool that can help you grow as an agency. A tool that can bring you more money, because it makes it easier to get clients. And when they come, you have a chance to impress them, therefore making your services indispensable. With more clients, you also get more data for you to test. The same case applies to in-house and small business marketers.

Don’t Knock it Till You Try It

During the webinar, Allen gave a great example of a small business owner he talked to recently who had been doing local radio ads for years. This owner would spend thousands of dollars on local radio ads. The call tracking idea was suggested to him, and he eventually decided to try it out. Within just a short time, he noticed changes. The kind of results he had always wanted to see. He quickly determined that his website was producing 25 times the number of calls that radio ads were generating! The small business owner did what any of you would have done: he ditched his radio ad campaign and started promoting his business through the business website. The same case could be said of specific PPC ads or campaigns. You don’t have any idea what is working and what’s not, unless you test it first.

This is where comes in.

I mentioned previously that integrates with LogMyCalls to build a formidable marketing tool that can reveal call tracking data on individual website landing pages. Convert’s A/B Testing allows you to move your call tracking number around the pages, or different elements of your landing page. This way, you are able to know clearly what is working and what needs some adjustment – you can analyze which landing page is producing more phone calls and what pages aren’t.

Jump to the webinar and see some of the questions posed by the audience comprising in-house and agency marketers.

Originally published June 02, 2014 - Updated July 17, 2014
Lemuel Galpo
As Customer Content Manager, Lem is responsible for bringing learnings in conversion optimization and testing to the world. He is part of's growth team and coordinates all writers, editors and illustrators.
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