The Principles of Landing Page Optimization

The Principles of Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization is a broad discipline, and it takes more than one or two A/B testing runs before you can get a concrete result. In a recent webinar, we talk about how important test results are, and on what purpose we can use each test result to optimize a page. Since this discipline is not an exact science, with it having too many variations, there is really no standard way to perform A/B testing.

According to Chris Goward, of Widerfunnel, when you are trying to get a lift of your conversion rate, concentrate on the facts – analyze what the results are saying and implement the change once you have proven your hypothesis. Doing A/B testing is more than just testing the waters. The changes that you will have to implement will not only be based on your guts, but on numbers and on months of thorough and careful study. The landing page is your doorway to earning millions, so there is no room for mistakes and unnecessary errors. In a recent webinar conducted with Convert, Goward talks about how landing page optimization can lead to better profits for your website.

Priciples of Landing Page

Outlining The Difference

The website content and the website message are not the same words when they are used in the context of landing page website optimization.

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The content is what your customers see based on your copy – the text, the font, pictures and videos. Your message is the customer’s perception of the product. If emotion, especially the call to action is involved, you are dealing with the Message. But if it’s the physical aspect or those that can be seen by the naked eye, you are working on the Content. In one of the tests conducted by Chris’ team, they were able to reveal interesting oversights by some of the business owners:

  • They want the message and the content at the same time but did not really know where and how to put the right approach.
  • Company A wants to hit two birds with one stone so they work on the content and message by inserting a video of the product and calling for action by saying that the “offer is only valid until (date)”. The downfall of this approach is not having the “control group” once the comments on the videos started to come in.
  • Remember that if you have a video online, you are exposing your business to two types of people: the product fan and the product bashers. The comments posted on this site can impact your sales because there are potential buyers who will be motivated not to even try your product after reading a negative comment. Unless you have a workaround on this gap, do not make the mistake of using this approach.
  • Working on the wrong set of keywords – There is a page where you can search the list for most commonly used keywords to search for a product or service. Some of the business owners will follow the trend by using the same set of keywords for their website. This approach may work or it may not work because most of those keywords are not fit to your product.

Achieving High Conversion Rates

A good website produces high-conversion to become successful. As Conversion Rate Experts would say

Conversion rate optimization is not about gimmicks; it’s not even about tools. It’s about getting inside the heads of your visitors, understanding them, and then aligning your offerings with their interests

Spark your audience’s curiosity – be concisely creative in your message and content. If you handle optimization this way, and not only by crunching the numbers and statistics, your optimization will increase and so will your overall conversion rate. If you want to find out more about this, you can see the full webinar here

Originally published February 03, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
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