Using Bullets and Charts to Increase Conversion

Using Bullets and Charts to Increase Conversion

Conversion Optimization Using Bullet Points

This article comes from a webinar by the Convert Academy that saw Carlos Del Rio, Director of Conversion, Analysis and Data Strategy at Unbounce conduct a presentation on how you can create awesome landing pages and the various factors you need to consider. Del Rio has also authored a book titled ‘User Driven Change. Give Them What They Want’ that talks about picking web traffic data and what visitors try to accomplish on your site. 

Bullets and Charts

One of the issues that were discussed involved addressing people’s needs on your website, and the importance of doing so using bullets and charts. The thing with bullets is that they are phenomenal at conveying information very quickly because our eyes will dart across them picking up the message without wasting much time. The same case can also be said of charts which also provide very easy understanding.

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Connect with your Customers

Overall, when you want your visitors to engage with your page and ultimately convert, what you are trying to do is touch their emotion. You are trying to make them feel something about your service or product so they are in a state of being engaged with you, or with your offer. These are the emotional fields you want to exploit and address your benefits, and this is what makes images extremely powerful. This is the reason you always hear never-ending topics about how important images are in blogs. It’s an area conversion optimizers invest a lot of time in.
According to Del Rio you should also:

Clear path(s) for the visitor to follow to reach a desired goal. (You must have) Simple, effective navigation. Don’t crowd the important areas with secondary levels.

Emphasize Your Points

As already mentioned, the other way to effectively address people’s needs on your site is using emphasis within your content. Think about the way you use Bold and Italics, the way you use colors. These are going to be the determiners that pull out what is really important. And if you pull out the things that are considered important to the viewer, then you will end up with something that makes them engaged, and eventually convert; taking the actions they want because they know they are being well served.

Conversion Optimization Using Bullet Points

When emphasizing your point your should also make sure that have these elements:

  • You are clear with the message you want to send
  • You have harmony with the overall message of your website
  • The bullet points are short and easy to read
  • Do not be redundant (if you already have it presented in bullet points, there is not need for a chart)

If you want to learn more about this or about Carlos Del Rio, you can check out the full presentation here.

Originally published January 01, 2015 - Updated August 08, 2019
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