[Webinar] Why 95% of Your Web Visitors Don’t Buy and What to Do About It

[Webinar] Why 95% of Your Web Visitors Don’t Buy and What to Do About It

Fabiola Martinez
April 29, 2015

Leading web optimisers AWA digital regularly get double-digit sales uplifts in split test results.

In this webinar you’ll discover a surprisingly simple, step-by-step conversion optimisation system laden with incredibly powerful benefits. Drawing upon never before seen case studies from some of the UK’s biggest online retailers, Dan will reveal how to achieve an ROI of over 500% using tested and proven Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) techniques.

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Dan Croxen John

This webinar will be presented by Dan Croxen-John, CEO of AWA digital, UK’s only conversion rate optimisation agency specialising in multi-channel e-commerce conversion rate optimisation. Dan is a CRO book author and bucket list completer.

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Attendees will discover:

  • The four tools you need in your CRO toolkit to generate actionable insight
  • How to find and prioritise the conversion killers on your site
  • How to take all the risk out of split-testing and get guaranteed extra sales
  • What to focus on if you and your team are too busy to do everything
  • How a scientific approach to CRO can be used to substantially improve the rewards from your efforts.

Join this fast-paced, fact-packed webinar to hear how AWA’s experts get record-breaking results, time after time, illustrated with genuine ‘before and after’ case studies.

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Originally published April 29, 2015 - Updated October 12, 2015
Fabiola Martinez
As Digital Marketing Lead of Convert.com, Fabiola is responsible for increasing brand awareness, community growth and lead generation. Always trying to improve things as a team member and as a human being.
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