What is Call Tracking and how can I use it?

What is Call Tracking and how can I use it?

Call Tracking & A/B Testing

First of all, it’s important to understand the critical nature of phone calls. There are a lot of businesses who care about phone calls. Even businesses that maybe say, prefers a web visit over a phone call, still cares about phone calls. Two years ago, there was a 68 billion dollar spin in advertising through phone calls alone. So it’s pretty obvious that there’s a lot of businesses out there that care about producing phone calls predominantly. In this webinar, we have McKay Allen, the content manager of LogMyCalls discuss about 6 ways to optimize conversions with call tracking.

Who’re you going to Call?

The most calls businesses probably care about are inbound calls. These calls are converted 10 to 12 times more than web leads do. Data from several websites shows that only about 2 to 5 % of web form fill-outs are potential buyers. So people actually fill out a form on your webpage, on your website, or on your landing page but 95% of those people don’t purchase from them. With phone calls, the metrics are very different. We have about 25 to 50% of the people who call your business buy from you relatively immediately, which is probably why people value phone calls more than web form fill outs in many industries. Call Tracking & <a title=A/B testing software” width=”300″ height=”300″ />So even if you produce only a handful of phone calls than what you produce from web form fill-outs, you have a high probability of getting more revenue from those phone calls compared from those form fill-outs. That’s where call tracking come in.

Hopefully, this lays out the importance of calls in businesses. They want to drive calls and the reason they do is because they convert. So what does call tracking do? and what are the basics?

Back to Basics

Basically, call tracking can provide you the raw number of calls from various sources. You can track a raw number of calls PPC generates, the raw number of call organic search generates the raw number of calls social media produces for you. Even specific referring sites, directories, things like that, call tracking can tell you precisely how many calls each of those produce in general. It can tell you how long the calls were, provide call recording to you, and can additionally analyze the content of the call and tell you precisely which calls are generating revenue, what happened during the call and what’s the lead score for that call. Those are the types of data that you get from call tracking. Think of it as Google Analytics with the phone.

Application and Use

Now, how can you use call tracking and combine that with your traditional conversion optimization tactics. There are about 5 specific methods (plus a bonus) in order to optimize conversions with call tracking. LogMyCalls LogoFirst method is dynamic number of insertion, and then measuring and optimizing web conversions, landing page conversions, Google analytics integration, specifics on mobile and how to increase conversions via mobile using call tracking. You can use call tracking to do that, some of them are technical, others are not. And hopefully, this will help you to have more additional data. To find out more about the webinar, you can click here.

Originally published August 01, 2014 - Updated January 05, 2018
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