Earn Trust, Save Time and Make Money

Earn Trust, Save Time and Make Money

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When you want to attract customers and  sell your products, when you want those customers to stay on your website and become regular visitors and customers, you have to know what to do to get those customers and you must be able to provide what the buyers want. In a recent webinar, Matt Dombrow discussed several ways of achieving this.

The next step

After you’re done with adding free product in return for newsletter subscriptions, and making an online conversation, the next step is to add testimonials from satisfied customers. Make sure to pick the best ones and choose those that will make the visitors trust you even more. Make short descriptions and be aware that your customers’ time is really valuable. Ship or offer the products as soon as possible and in the shortest possible time. Imagine that your customer needs the product for yesterday. This way your customers will see that you value their time and they will stay on your site.

Make the customers feel secure

Building trust Find out what the customers like about your product, find out what they are confused about, and what they don’t like. It is extremely likely that all of your customers will have the same questions and same worries, so when you take the time to write good explanations and answer their questions before they ask them, they will feel more secure and they will know that you are at the top of your game. They will also be drawn to your website and your products when they know that their money is safe with you.

Eye catching websites

Make your website simple, easy to use, and user friendly. Be sure to add your product’s best A/B testing software features” href=”https://www.convert.com/features/”>features where the visitors can see them. Don’t list too many things. Three or four items will be just enough and make them eye catching so that the visitors will be drawn to your product as soon as they enter your website. Don’t worry if your website is not doing too well at first, everything takes time. Be patient and make sure to take your time and learn what your visitors and potential customers want.

Choose the right colors

You probably know that every big online company uses almost the same colors. There are some colors that are more “user friendly” and eye catching. If you think about it, Google, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and many others use the same logo color – blue. Choose a bright, eye catching color to use for a Clixo Conversion Optimization “special” button, for example, by clicking that button, the visitors get something free or learn something new. Be sure to also use the right colors for your website background. Don’t use colors that are too bright, make it simple and don’t mix too many colors. You don’t want to have a “clown website”. If you use pastel colors, stick to them, if you use bright colors, don’t mix more than three. The cleaner and the simpler the site is, the better it will look.

And finally, pay attention to details. You may spend a little more time at the beginning, but it will for sure pay off at the end. If you want to check out the entire webinar, click here.


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  • 8 Aug, 2014
  • Posted by Dennis van der Heijden
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