Improve Conversions with 29 Eye-Tracking Heat-map Examples

Improve Conversions with 29 Eye-Tracking Heat-map Examples

Heatmap of supermarket

Business Insider has a very complete post with 29 examples of heatmaps for pictures, ads, banners and video and is one of the most complete collection we have seen. Definitely worth checking our some of the heat-map examples below. We found some interesting learning for our future campaigns and so will you.

The full article you will find here, but we like to share some of the most interesting ones.

Coca-Cola Video Heatmap

Sands Research helped Coca-Cola by analyzing their video ad. Coca Cola Heatmap

“The two most popular displays for eye tracking are the heat map and path analysis. The heat map shown left represents the fixation locations and the duration of the fixation.  A color scale moving from blue to red indicates the duration of fixations. Thus, a red spot over an area of interest indicated that a subject or group of subjects have moved their fovea to this location for a significant period of time. The figure to the left shows four groupings of eye fixations. Blue spots indicate short fixations while green, yellow and red represent increasing durations of fixations, respectively. The heat map is a convenient method to aggregate results and gives an immediate impression of the areas of interest for most subjects. It serves as a guide.” according to Sands Research

Meat Package Heat map

In this package of meat, people look at the meat right away. Then, they read the label and check out the sticker. Meat Packadge HeapmapSo play with the location of stickers and highlight elements to make sure you get the order of the call-to-action right. We have seen examples from all sorts of heatmap tools the you can play with the order and color to actually help the brain make sense of the “story”. 


See all 29 heatmaps in the original article, here

Originally published August 21, 2014 - Updated January 05, 2018
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