Making Yourself Indispensable as a Marketer

Making Yourself Indispensable as a Marketer

Lemuel Galpo
Written by Lemuel Galpo
August 22, 2014
Making Yourself Indispensable

One of the things about call tracking, is that it can make a marketing agency viscous with clients. You can achieve this by demonstrating to clients how many calls you can actually generate for them. Giving insights into their main revenue streams gives your agency an edge, and that sets you apart from all the other less savvy agencies. So why are you not setting up call-tracking?

Setting up Call-Tracking Intervals

One way to do this is by scheduling reports to be sent to clients at regular intervals – this could be on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The same case also applies to in-house marketers who can have the reports sent to their boss, or another department inside their company. Not only that, you can also show them the number of calls you’re generating through your marketing efforts. This does not necessarily mean boring print-out of numbers. In fact, there is an even better, more efficient way to do it – via text messages.

You can have your client, boss or some other relevant party within your organization receive a text message, and alert them whenever you generate a call. For instance, your client could be sitting at Starbucks and when they receive a text message from LogMyCalls informing them that your agency just generated a call for them.

Call Recording

Another way you can boost your credentials is by utilizing call recording. Providing call recording services to your clients as part of the package also plays in your favor, as an agency or in-house marketer.

IfByPhone conversion ratesThis basically works in such a way that if a client makes a call to the customer from a call tracking phone number, they will hear what you want them to hear. Right before the phone rings to connect with the customer, they hear another great call from the agency, or FCO call, or PPC call. This ensures that you get some background info before your client gets into conversation with the lead. It is also a great way to have your name mentioned every time a phone rings at any of your clients’ business, don’t you think? This is definitely a powerful marketing tool.

It can also be a good way for your sales team to know exactly where leads are originating from, if you are an in-house marketer. If you happen to have a separate whisper tone for all your PPC ads, your cell phone rings immediately every time any of those PPC ads generates a phone call. And you’ll know the caller is calling because of a certain PPC ad they saw, great tool for any marketer!

Case Study to Relate With

In the presentation, McKay Allen of LogMyCalls went on to demonstrate how call recording can help marketers retain their clients. He cited an example of a direct mail agency that LogMyCalls works with. Mudlick Mail is an agency that has an annual turnover of $15 million. Part of doing business with them involves placing a call tracking number in every mail they produce: it’s mandatory this. What this does is point out that LogMyCalls works with a certain agency providing call tracking services for them and so on.

This plays to the marketer’s advantage when in the case of an unsatisfied client decides for whatever reason that they want to discontinue their service with the agency. The account manager then pulls up the reports from LogMyCalls and hands them over to the client for listening. What eventually comes out clear to them is that the agency is in fact doing its work. The shadow is on the client’s staff who are probably not handling the calls effectively.

The agency is generating calls for the clients but the clients are not doing enough to close all the calls, managing just a small fraction of the entire call volume. The client’s sales department has probably not been doing their job well since the agency has been generating calls as it was tasked to do, and the marketing efforts are generating calls as they were meant to. But the sales personnel are struggling. This is the kind of information will eventually become clear to your clients, thanks to the call recording feature from LogMyCalls. If you want to find out more about call tracking, you can view the entire webinar here.

Originally published August 22, 2014 - Updated August 16, 2014
Lemuel Galpo
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