Product Branding and SEO

Product Branding and SEO

Selling your service or product requires the thorough and careful execution of your game plan. How do you plan to play your game? Your goal is to focus on your market so you can centralize all your efforts to the things that matter. There is A/B testing and conversion optimization, which can tell you if your website is doing the job that you programmed it to do. But these marketing techniques are not enough.

In a webinar hosted by Convert, presented by SerpIQ‘s Darren Demchuk and Kevin Espiritu, they discussed how to structure and test a site for it to run for maximum impact. One of the topics tackled in the webinar was product branding and search optimization. These aspects are important for the success of a website. For the full presentation, you can watch the webinar here.

Product Branding and SEO

Working Side by Side

According to Liz Papagni’s article ‘How Branding and SEO Should Work Together‘,,

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be a challenge, especially if you’re well familiar with your brand. The connection between SEO and branding must be formed from the beginning for the strongest possible ties.

Product branding and SEO should work together as a team. Product branding is just as important as the task of creating and designing the website – according to Kevin Espiritu, Marketing and Operations Head of SerpIQ. Although by itself, both SEO and branding can be effecting, you can make the most out of both aspects when they work in concert.

SerpIQ takes a portion of the task so you can focus on branding your product. SerpIQ SEO works by taking the tedious part of the workload – competitive research for SEO, keyword discovery, page rank, domain and back links. The technique is to create a simple solution by streamlining the process. SerpIQ guarantees a website without broken links and dead pages – crawable, scalable and tiered structured.

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Working with SerpIQ

There are three types of websites: navigational websites, informational websites, and action websites. There are notable differences among the three, and getting a glimpse of these differences will help you gain a bird’s eye view on how you want SerpIQ to work for you:

  • Navigational – This is a webpage that lists a bunch of other websites to go to.
  • Informational – A site that is created for those who want to learn something. This type is updated all the time and in real time.
  • Action – This is a webpage that will require action from the visitors either by signing up, registering or making a purchase. The action buttons are obvious on this one. There are different types of actions as mentioned before, but your goal is to focus only on one action that you want the customers to make.

Regardless of what kind of website you are working on, the general rule applies – keep things simple, focused, and as much as possible, straightforward. Your website is an itinerary of the places to go to – everything is set to travel on one single direction.

Branding for Maximum Impact

The goal of conversion optimization is to influence the audience so they can act or perform your desired action, while A/B testing tests the part of your website affecting the desired action. These are two different things but work well when performed together. SerpIQ offers more than these two powerful actions and that alone is an assurance of a more desirable result for your business.

It is very important to know your brand and keep your branding consistent with your SEO. As they say,  “Two heads are better than one”. Start exploring limitless opportunities with SerpIQ SEO. If you want to learn more about this, or if you want to view the full presentation, you can watch the full webinar here.

Originally published March 04, 2015 - Updated April 15, 2019
Dennis van der Heijden
Co-founder and CEO of, Dennis is a passionate community builder and out of the box thinker. He spends his time innovating to make Convert Experiences better. Learn about his journey as an entrepreneur and leader on the SaaS Club podcast.
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